10 Trends for BI:
Discover the Future of Data

Last year was the rise of information activism –
what’s next on the horizon for BI?

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Discover the the 10 trends we think are next for BI:
  • Combining and associating data from disparate sources will lead to better insights.
  • Data viz will extend beyond analysis to the full information supply chain.
  • The adoption of cloud BI will reach its tipping point.
  • New BI smart features will augment intelligence, letting people focus on their strengths.
  • Blending the digital and physical will open new worlds of data.
  • Freemium BI will allow more people to explore data than ever.
  • Modern BI platforms will deliver self-service flexibility AND scalability, not either-or.
  • Embedded analytics will make data part of people’s everyday lives.
  • With strong ecosystems and collaborative networks, no data analyst is an island.
  • BI will branch out to hybrid platforms to do more.